Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Home For Christmas

Santa is trying to get home for Christmas. It's not going to be easy! There are crazed birds, marching penguins, jumping piranha and dangerous snowballs to avoid. A Christmas retro game, heavily inspired by the Atari 2600 title Bobby Is Going Home. Move from left to right, avoiding hazards and obstacles. Collect the lost candy cane
for bonus points. Collect 3 for a bonus 1up. http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/224310-home-for-christmas#

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Lost in the dark woods with nightfall soon approacing, help Sam find his way home. Beware of marauding monsters! Don't fall into the water & lookout for lethal hazards! Can you get Sam home?

Use the arrow keys to control Sam. Avoid hazards and obstacles. Push crates into rivers to create a pathway to the exit. Watch out for the ever depleting TIME meter. If it runs out, you will lose a life. Reset the TIME meter by grabbing a Torch. Collect the Moneybag for bonus points.

20 Levels / Keyboard or Joypad controls


- Slalom: Short, tight turns, more gates
- Giant Slalom: More widely spaced turns
- Downhill: Few turns, gates spaced widely apart, 100 kmh speeds
- Professional: The toughest course yet!

- Freestyle: Rocks, logs, no gates

Slalom Event: A downhill ski race challenge! Ski between the flags to proceed - failure to do so and you will fail the game. Avoid hazards like trees. Take the Ski Challenge!

Freestyle Challenge: A hazardous race to the finish without crashing.

Multiple levels of play
Keyboard / Joypad Controls


Robotic Mutants from another dimension have invaded our world! Led by the dreaded Roboctopus, the alien invasion is imminent! Scientists scramble together to create a robot that prevent the alien invsion and blast them back to their alien dimension. Only one person can save us now - Bomb Hero!

Control Bomb Hero with the ARROW KEYS or JOYSTICK. Press SPACE or FIRE to drop a bomb - but beware of the blast! Use the bomb blast to destroy walls and enemies. Locate the level exit, which is hidden behind one of the walls. Only once the stage has been cleared of enemies, the level exit will flash, indicating you may now exit the stage. Take care not to blast the door!

6 different levels, Boss Battle & 2 Player Mode.