Friday, March 9, 2012

Tombs & Treasures

As famed archaelogist Charles Laurent studies in his London manor, he deciphers an ancient map and learns of the location of an undiscovered tomb. Reading further, he also learns of the tomb guardians: Anubis, God of Death; the immortal Phoenix & the Sphinx Guardian itself.

As he descends into the ancient tomb, Charles ponders the legendary curse of the Pharaoh. Who knows what dangers lurk inside..? Can you uncover the Pharaoh's hidden treasures..?

Collect keys to open locked doors. Collect the Ankh symbol to destroy your enemies - use it wisely! Look out for the Eye Of Horus - it will grant you an extra life. Locate the treasure and head for the exit. How many levels can you defeat..?

An Atari 2600 styled project inspired by Konami's arcade classic Tutankham.

12 Stages, 3 Boss Fights... and a secret level! Keyboard or joystick controls.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dark Tower

In the fantastic lands of Realm, the evil warlock Nekron has stolen a magical sword. With the power of the sword in his hands, Nekron plans to rule over Realm and enslave the populaton.

On a quest of adventure, the young knight Sir Alek sets out to destroy Nekron in his dark tower.

Gameplay: Use your sword to destroy enemies! Watch out for your health - eat some food to top it up. Collect keys to open chests and doors.

A retro dungeon slasherAtari 2600 styled! Inspired by the classic arcade game Gauntlet.

26 levels. Keyboard or joystick controls.


The city is being overrun by a zombie virus that causes the dead to return to life. As a SWAT member, it's your mission to return to the contaminated city and rescue any human survivors...

Trapped by zombies, the only way out is to shoot! Can YOU survive the horror!

An Atari 2600 styled survival horror action game inspired by Robotron: 2084 & similiar classics...