Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Astro Defender

Earth cities are under attack from an asteroid storm! Taking control of the advanced star cannon, you are the planet's only chance of survival!

Shoot asteroids to break them up, destroying them and protecting the Earth cities. Avoid contact with asteroids & enemies.

As your score increases, so too does the difficulty. Look out for alien drones and spinners!

The game ends once your city bases are destroyed or all player ships have been lost.

Based on 2600 Astro Blast & Intellivision Astro Smash

Stunt Bike

Take control of the Stunt Bike, hit the crazy courses and race to the finish! Collect the flags while avoiding obstacles! Cross the finish line and move ahead to the next challenging area. How many flags can you collect?

Use the ARROW keys to move. Press SPACE to jump the Stunt Bike.
Jump or avoid hazards. Hit the spring ramps for an extra bounce. Don't get caught offscreen!

6 different levels - Keyboard controls

Stage 1 - Mountain Range
Amid the beautiful scenery, watch out for hazardous gaps. Time jumps perfectly to the land on the spring platform.

Stage 2 - Sunny Beach
Beware of water hazards - the Stunt Bike isn't waterproof!

Stage 3 - Risky Forest
The course gets even more dangerous - look out for trees!

Stage 4 - City Rooftops
The wildest course yet! Jump from building to building but don't hit the spikes!