Friday, December 23, 2011


Classic Games Collection - 4 Games In 1!

Astro Clash:

Defeat waves of alien invaders, zoom through deadly asteroids then battle the evil alien boss! 12 levels.

Vortex Breaker:

Control the paddle to deflect the ball, destroying bricks & marauding cyber-demons, as you try to reach the spinning vortex - your only chance of escape! 12 levels.

Munch Mania:

Get Muncher eating up those dots and avoiding those colourful ghosts! 8 levels.

Evil Woods:

Lost in the dangerous forest, control the player, avoiding hazards and pushing crates into the river so you can create a path home! 12 levels.

Keyboard controls. A retro gaming compilation in the Atari 2600 style.

Update due out before end of year!